The Best Plants To Have On Any Office Desk

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Does your office feel a little dreary? Maybe you want a green, leafy companion to keep you company? You no longer have to worry. There are a couple of office plants that are excellent for any desk. They range in all shapes and sizes, and you’re bound to find one you will enjoy immensely!

Snake Plant

Does the air in your office feel a little dry and stale? A snake plant is your best option. NASA actually did an interesting study with this humble little plant. In 1989, they conducted a clean air study on plants that produced the best clean air. The snake plant actually came in second place when it came to oxygen production. In the dark, the snake plant produces quite a bit of oxygen. It’s also an amazing beginner plant that’s tough to kill. The only time you ever need to water it is when the soil gets dry. It can grow in shady areas, full sun, and even the darkest corners of your office.


This is a very decorative little plant. It’s popular in folklore since it’s known as the “money plant.” Folklore states by following this plant it will lead to financial success. This may or may not be true, but the Jade plant is certainly an excellent one to look at. It has thick, green leaves that are round. Some of the leaves are even tinged red on the outer edges. It does require some watering, but just a quick spritz from a water bottle twice a week will keep this little plant growing strong.


This is actually a type of vine plant. It’s very low maintenance, and doesn’t require a lot of care. So if you go on vacation or are gone from the office for a long amount of time, you don’t have to worry. Some maintenance you may have to do is to trim the plant from time to time. This is to make sure it can fit on your desk. Only water this little guy when you start to notice the leaves begin to droop.

Asparagus Fern

The Asparagus Fern has a delicate appearance pleasing to the eyes. While the plant is an herb, it makes for a great desk plant as well. Buddhist centers and teahouses often have this plant present to help increase the calmness in the atmosphere. You will have to water it every other day, but the plant is definitely worth it.

Those are the top best plants for any office desk! Whether you work at an office building, at home, or are the boss. These plants are sure to help brighten up your day with their wonderful greenery. You no longer have to worry about working alone. Some of these plants will even help to improve the air quality in your office. Go with one of these desk plants in order to help brighten up your day when you go to work.