The Best US Cities to View Fall Foliage

best Fall Foliage

Growing up on the East Coast, I have seen some beautiful foliage during the fall. I so look forward to packing the car and heading up to the mountains to take in the breathtaking views. There are places all over the world to see this Phenomenon, but the best U.S. Cities to view fall foliage is a list to keep in mind when looking for a great place to see the changing leaves.

New York

I love New York, and not only is it a great city but upstate New York is gorgeous in the fall. There are so many options to see the fall foliage, from Buffalo to the Greater Niagara, there is beauty all over the state. If you don’t want to drive, there are always the options of a bus excursion. Check out for more places and details on the New York Fall Foliage Report.


This may not be a hot spot on most people’s list, but the small towns of Georgia are pretty darn beautiful in the fall. Pine Mountain, GA is filled with country fall foliage with a mixture of pine trees. Check out Callaway Gardens and Roosevelt State Park for some amazing views of the tree covered mountains. Rent a log cabin and make it a family affair.

West Virginia

Mountain momma. Take me home… country road! John Denver said it best. So the place to go is West Virginia scenic highway route 150. The elevation is 4500ft and what you will witness is the beautiful fall foliage in Pocahontas County.


This is one of the most popular places to go and see the fall foliage. If you go to Vermont’s Tourist website, you will find an entire list of places to go and enjoy the views. Take advantage of the other activities along the way such as the apple orchards and popular attractions.


Estes Park is a wonderful place to see the foliage. You can also enjoy the sights of wildlife and take part in what the land has to offer such as fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and all the fixin’s. This would be a great family adventure as well. Please be safe and do not feed the animals.

No matter where you live, you may have your special place that you like to go to see the fall leaves. Have fun and take great pictures because the leaves will soon disappear. Enjoy that time with friends and family and maybe plan a trip next season to one of these new places that you just found out about.

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Where do you think the best fall foliage can be found?


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