Three Backyard 4th of July Decorations

4th of July decorations
Photo by Stephanie Mccabe

Can you believe the Fourth of July is practically here already? Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday that we were celebrating the holiday last year? Well, now that the Fourth of July is quickly approaching, it is time to focus on backyard 4th of July decorations for the joyous occasion. There are so many cool items that we can create to give our homes that festive red, white and blue look. Check out some of our favorite decorations for the Fourth of July below.

1. Decorate your table accordingly

If you do not have a lot of time or money to put together decorations for the Fourth of July, here is something you can do that will really make your backyard stand out. Instead of gathering up beautiful flowers to be your centerpiece on the tables in your yard, opt for American flags instead to deliver that patriotic look. You can even add a special holiday touch by placing your flags into a jar full of red, white and blue gumballs. This will really bring the Fourth of July to life in your backyard thanks to the holiday-themed colors going on.

2. Personalize your cups

You may be celebrating the Fourth of July with family, but no one wants to share cups. That is why you should take this opportunity to decorate each and every person’s cup. In fact, around the plastic cups place red, white and blue rubber bands. Then, have each kid write their own name on top of the white rubber bands. Now, guests can locate their drinks with no problem at all. Also, as the cups are just laying in place on the table before your guests arrive, you can even tuck the utensils and a colorful napkin into them.

3. Fancy up your dishes

How frustrating is it when you throw a party outside and all of your paper plates start blowing away in the wind? To combat this problem, put your plates on a dish rack. Of course, though, a dish rack isn’t the most visually appealing item there is. That’s why you will have to decorate it up in order to bring it to another level. Try placing a small flower arrangement into the cutlery cup part of the rack.  You can also add some ribbons and bows full of stars and stripes. The sky is the limit, so include any touches that you think will really give off a welcoming feel.

Do you have any special backyard 4th of July decorations?


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