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Why Is Mulching Important?

Mulch acts as a protective layer between the elements and the soil that your delicate plants are rooted. There are many different types of...

6 Reasons Your Yucca Plant Looks Yucky

Yucca plant
Yucca plants are timeless beauties that grace many landscapes across the country. Gardeners love the Yucca plant for its hardiness and ease of care....

Proper Summer Garden Watering

Summer Garden Watering
We may already be into the heart of August, but summer sure hasn't shown signs of letting up anytime soon. In many parts of...

Interesting Container Gardening Creations

container gardening
Container gardening offers a ton of benefits for backyard gardening. Using containers to grow your favorite plants offers variety and ease, and is the...

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With These 5 Plants

Having a showy, lavish garden can be quite an expensive undertaking. The good news is, there are a number of plants you can buy...

How To Use Garden Lighting To Light Up Your Yard

Garden Lighting
Adding illumination to your backyard garden is a great way to make the space functional day or night, as well as add a touch...

Turning The Soil – Basic Gardening Prep

Basic Gardening Prep
In order for anything to grow well, it must be planted in good soil. Just like a house must have a solid foundation on...

Health Benefits of Oranges

Health Benefits of Oranges
As one of the world’s most popular fruits, oranges are juicy and sweet, and they contain a whopping amount of vitamin C. They make...