Four Uses of Aloe Vera

aloe vera

When most people think of aloe vera, they automatically picture sunburns. That’s because this type of plant is known for naturally treating your skin on those times when you’ve had way too much exposure to UV rays. However, that is not its only use. You can take aloe vera and use it in a whole slew of ways. Check out some of them below:

1.  Tame Frizz in Your Hair

  • If you take a look at any conditioner bottle, chances are you will see that aloe is the primary ingredient in it. The same goes for most defrizzers that are not silicone-based. That’s because aloe makes the consistency of these products easier to apply and coat your hair with. Besides this, aloe vera also has a slightly acidic PH level, which is known to help seal the cuticle of your hair. In other words thanks to aloe vera, your hair will be more likely to stay the way you want it.

2. Shaving Gel

  • While of course you can use a shaving cream on your legs or face, why not try aloe vera instead? Aloe vera will leave your skin feeling silky. That’s not all, though. Aloe is also anti inflammatory, because of its enzymes, and hydrating, thanks to the very high water content. This means you will end up with a very close shave, without roughing up your skin in the process.

3. Moisturizer

  • If you are someone who is acne-prone, you should consider using aloe vera as your moisturizer instead of an oil-free product.  That’s because studies have shown that aloe works as an effective humectant, meaning it increases water retention in the skin.  Besides that, aloe also contains a whole bunch of antioxidants found through vitamins A, C and E, as well as enzymes.  These antioxidants work to calm inflammation and irritation, so that your skin won’t break out.

4. Heal Infections

  • Within aloe vera, there are a lot of antibacterial qualities, which are all known for helping cuts, scrapes and other bruises heal fast. Similar to this, if you put aloe vera on a wound right after it happens, you won’t end up with visible scarring down the line.

What Aloe Vera uses have you tried?


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