7 Ways to Make The Smallest Gardens Look Large

Small Gardens

If you don’t have enough room on your property for a huge garden, that’s fine. There’s tricks to making even the smallest gardens appear large. Check out some of them below:

1. Don’t plant big trees along the edge of the garden. Not only will this block off the whole area from receiving any sunlight, but it will also make your garden look trapped in.

2. Trees should be planted as close to the house as possible. If you want to grow trees in your backyard, make sure to place them around your house. When you plant them in your garden, they make the area look tinier, since they take up a lot of room.

3. Design your garden in an asymmetrical or curve shape. If you’re unable to do this for any reason, lay out tiles in various shapes like squares, triangles, and rectangles throughout your garden. It will have the same effect.

4. Make sure the center of the garden is wide open. Don’t put any sculptures or plants there because it will end up just making the area look overcrowded.

5. Invest in large bamboo. Since it’s a high plant with not that many leaves, it gives visitors the impression that there is more space and volume to your garden.

6. Plant small treesLittle trees scattered throughout your garden give the illusion that your garden is larger than it actually is. However, remember not to overdo it.

7. Have one single focal point in the garden. This draws in everyone’s attention, so they notice that instead of how big or small your garden really is.

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