5 DIY Gardening Projects

rain barrellAs you begin working outside in your garden this spring, consider it a great opportunity to get creative. With the rapid increase of people tackling projects and sharing them online, there is a nearly limitless array of creative gardening and landscaping ideas that you might want to try out for yourself. Below are 5 do-it-yourself gardening projects floating around the Internet that you can do this weekend.

A Tire Pond

Have a space in your garden that you want to do something creative with? Have any old tires laying around? If not, you can easily get an old used tire for this project. Simply dig a hole in the ground big enough to lay the tire down in. Next, cut one of the sides of the tire off so that you’re left with one large round opening on one side and the small opening on the other side. Lay the tire down into the hole with the smaller hole on bottom. Lay some strong rolled out plastic down into the tire and out the sides. You can surround the edges of the tire with bricks or rocks and cover up the excess plastic. You can now fill your new tire pond with water.

A Tree Bench

If you have a tree in your backyard, a great do-it-yourself project is to build a tree bench around the tree. You can design the bench to be a hexagon shape. You’ll need to sit down and sketch out a design and plan for building your bench with your specific tree size in mind. This step-by-step guide will help you make your tree bench a reality.

Irrigated Garden Beds

Using some wood and a few other supplies, you can build several raised garden beds. These beds help you to keep your plants adequately hydrated and they offer good drainage for your plants. Run piping through the beds to provide irrigation. A step-by-step guide for building your own irrigated garden beds can be found here.

A Rain Barrel

This idea is genius for its innovativeness and its practicality. What if you could capture water when it rains and use that water on days that you need to water your plants? Imagine the water bill costs you could be saving. Simply place a large barrel or trashcan so that your rain gutter is pouring water into the barrel when it’s raining. Attach a spout for a water hose near the bottom and a drainage tube near the top for when the barrel gets full, and you have a way to take the rain water and save it for a day when you need it to hydrate your plants. A more detailed guide can be found here.

A Pallet Garden Tools Organizer

This project makes great use of a pallet. Paint the pallet any color you want. Arrange hooks on it to hang your garden tools on, such as your shovel, hoe, and water hose. You can also cut out a compartment at the top for storage. Then you hang the pallet itself on a wall outside or in a shed. You can find a guide for this project here.

Take advantage of these and many other creative do-it-yourself gardening ideas, or use these as a springboard for coming up with some of your own. Gardening can be a lot of fun when you’re being creative.


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