4 Ways to Transform Your Garden With Everyday Items

Garden transformation
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

We all want our backyards to be the talk of the town, setting us apart from the rest of our neighbors. Did you know though that you can take recycled materials around the house and turn them into a landscape masterpiece? Sneak a peek at our list of everyday items you can reuse in your garden to create the view you’ve always dreamed of.

Glass Bottles  

While we drink out of glass bottles all the time at home, they are actually a fantastic and artistic addition to the backyard. Start out by rounding up as many empty glass bottles as you possibly can. They can either be broken and embedded in stepping stones for a mosaic effect or used whole as garden edging. However, our personal favorite way to display recycled bottles is by building walls out of them. We find wine bottles work best for that.

Doors and Windows

An old door can easily be turned into a gate, potting bench or privacy screen. Windows can be transformed into wall décor and garden mirrors. You can also use windows to construct a small shed or greenhouse or hang from a porch or patio cover to form a transparent wall. While you can find these items practically anywhere, they are typically seen in thrift stores or salvage yards for a reasonable price.


Urbanite, or broken concrete, has become a must-have supply for paving. Often times, urbanite is irregularly shaped and laid dry, giving it a similar look to flagstone paving. Even the oldest concrete can be stained a variety of colors, leaving you with a unique patio or path. Usually, urbanite is obtained from your local demolition sites.

Coffee Cans

If you are pressed for time or money, coffee cans are a great option for the garden. By simply filling it up with soil and plants, you can turn this everyday household item into a plant container.  Besides coffee cans, materials like wheelbarrows, toy dump trucks, antique watering cans, tires, free-standing bathtubs, drums and rain gutters work as well.


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