4 Steps to a Better-Looking Lawn: Keeping Moss at Bay


All gardeners can agree that it is annoying and frustrating to find moss growing in your yard. Typically, this plant shows up in areas where soil is poorly drained and grass can no longer grow, as well as spots where there is plenty of moisture and shade. Do not let moss take over your yard ever again — here’s how to get rid of the pesky stuff to ensure that it never grows back.

1. Use lawn fertilizer. Many lawn fertilizers contain moss killing agents. Of course, any product comprising ferrous sulfate and ferrous ammonium sulfate will also do the trick. These can be found under a number of brand names like Moss-Kil, Moss-Out, and Rid-Moss. The products are not only safe for the environment, but they actually help improve your lawn. They supply crucial nutrients, which improve its color.

2. Try Ultra Dawn dish soap. This is one of the most common moss killers. By mixing it with water, the moss dries up, turns orange and eventually dies. This method is safe, cheap, and it’s quite often found sitting in your house already.

3. Test your soil regularly and adjust the pH level as needed. To keep moss from growing back, you have to start from the very beginning. Similar to weeds, finding moss usually signals a much larger problem. If you do not address the underlying cause, it will continue growing back no matter what you do.

4. Prune or transplant trees. Take a look at your yard to make sure that you have employed preventive measures to reduce conditions that increase the growth of moss. Make sure there is a good amount of air and sunlight going through your garden. We also recommend that you replant grass in spots where your lawn is bare.

Moss has a way of making lawns look unkempt and unhealthy. With these simple tips, though, your backyard will stay in top shape. 

Photo credit: Thinkstock