3 Common Garden Mistakes Everyone Makes

Common Garden Mistakes

Maintaining a beautiful garden takes a lot of work and planning, especially if you weren’t born with a built in green thumb. Some people don’t take the time necessary to research and organize every detail, so winging it is sometimes the common goal of the day. If you have never gardened before and need some direction, don’t hesitate to ask someone who is an expert. Get as much guidance as possible when attempting to do something you have never done before, or planting something you have never planted before.  To help you get started, here is a list of common garden mistakes that you should know.

Planting during the wrong season

There are different planting seasons for a reason, so please do not start planting too soon.  Check with your zone and get to know when it is time to start planting, and what should be planted at that time. Be patient with your plants and give them ample time to grow and produce. You can never rush a plant to get things going quicker because the results would not be great. Let things flow as nature has arranged it to.

Over/under watering

It is a common mistake to over water, underwater, and altogether forget to water. Too much water can damage the roots and destroy your plant. Not providing enough water can stunt the growth, and no water at all could cause your plants to die, unless you have frequent rain storms. Get in touch with your soil. Feel the soil around your plant and if it seems dry, then give it some water. Most people will water their gardens early in the morning before the sun is beating down. This way you will avoid evaporation and the plants can get a good soak. If you need a way to remember when to water your plants, try writing it on your calendar or use a timer. Do what works for you.

Killing all the bugs

When you see bugs in your garden, don’t be alarmed and run for the pesticides. Determine what kind of bug it is first before you get excited. Some bugs are bad, but some are good for the garden. They can pollinate flowers, help aerate the soil, and some can even be a natural pesticide for the garden. Get to know who the good bugs are so you won’t kill the wrong bug. Ladybugs are your friend and I would feel guilty killing such a pretty bug like that anyway.


If you need to, find a garden buddy who is willing to supply you with advice about your garden. They don’t cost a thing, and they can help you create a garden that you can be proud of. Pay them back with some of your fresh harvest and they will always be your friend, until the next harvest of course.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

What are some common garden mistakes you’ve made?


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